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all courses OFFER a blend of online Classes, Directed study and face-to-face tutorials. THE courses have been designed with the language learner in mind AND Learners are free to attend any of the classes to suit their individual learning needs and level of learning.

The Beginners course offers a useful introduction to the Spanish language and the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Whether you require a language for work, to get by on holiday abroad or whether you just enjoy learning about other countries and different cultures, this course will benefit you. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Spanish. All you need is an enthusiasm for learning the language and for learning about other cultures. The course runs on Wednesday evenings.



​​The Elementary course runs on Wednesday evenings and is for learners who wish to progress beyond a basic level of Spanish and find out more about the language and cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken. If you have already completed a Spanish for Beginners course, then this course will be the obvious next step for you. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not yet ready for an Intermediate course and would prefer to consolidate your learning to date. At this level, you will develop your understanding of the Spanish language and you will learn how to talk about events in the past, present and future.


The Intermediate course runs on Monday evenings. This course is for learners who are aiming to develop their confidence and improve their ability to communicate in Spanish. Learners will broaden their ability to speak about a range of different topics and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the countries, cultures and customs to be found in the Spanish-speaking world. The focus will be on improving your speaking and listening skills but the course will also give you an opportunity to develop your skills in reading and writing. The course will also aim to improve your vocabulary and grammar in order to consolidate your understanding of Spanish. 


The Advanced course runs on Tuesday evenings and is aimed at learners who can already converse in Spanish and are seeking to improve their level of fluency in the target language. Learners will be expected to talk about a range of topics and have a good knowledge of various aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture. Classes will be delivered in the target language only.

Online course details


Classes are delivered online using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Beginners (        A1)

Wednesday   18:45 - 20:15

Start date   20 September 2023

Course duration   36 weeks

Tutor   Della Rainey

Elementary (A1       A2)

Wednesday   19:00 - 20:30

Start date   20 September 2023

Course duration 36 weeks

Tutor   Martin Relph

Intermediate (A2        B1)

Monday   19:00 - 20.30

Start date   18 September 2023

Course duration   36 weeks

Tutor   Martin Relph

Advanced (B2        C1)

Tuesday   19:00 - 20:30

Start date   19 September 2023

Course duration 36 weeks

Tutor   Martin Relph

Holiday periods for 2023-24 will be determined by individual tutors in consultation with the students.


Course Costs

Students have agreed to pay their contributions to the cost of course materials and subscriptions for a block of 8 sessions at a time rather than for the entire course.

The agreed contribution for 8 lessons is £40 or £24 (unemployed or full-time student). Students can either pay via PayPal or bank transfer. 

In addition to the taught sessions, the students receive electronic copies of course hand-outs, PowerPoint presentations, images and sound files for each lesson. You will also be provided with useful internet links.

Tutor support will be available via email or mobile phone.


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