We are here to provide the opportunity for the people of Wolverhampton to learn a foreign language and to learn about other cultures. We are a non-profit making venture and are not in receipt of government funding. There are no external examinations but learners are provided with ample opportunity for regular assessment and timely feedback. Teaching and learning materials are supplied to the learner free of charge on a weekly basis.

our tutors

Della rainey

My name is Della. I have worked in the Primary Education sector for 15 years and approximately 10 of those years in language support. I have taught for Spanish in Wolverhampton since 2018. My qualifications include CertHE and DipHE in Spanish. I have a passion and a drive for learning foreign languages and thrive on supporting others along their language learning journeys. I believe that in order to successfully learn a foreign language, you must have a solid foundation in terms of knowledge and understanding of the language. With my knowledge and experience, I will do my very best to ensure that you understand the fundamentals.


FHEQ level 4 Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE)

FHEQ level 5 Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)


15 years within the primary education sector.

10 years language support in a primary school.

3 years teaching Spanish to adults.

martin relph

My name is Martin. I have a wide experience of teaching Spanish and managing  international exchange programmes for students in education and for those in work. I have a passion for learning about different cultures and for foreign language learning. I have travelled extensively as an independent traveller throughout Spain and Latin America. I have an expert knowledge of the peoples, politics and range of cultures to be found in the Spanish-speaking world.


FHEQ Instute of Linguists Diploma in Spanish

Certificate in Education

MA in European & International Studies


32 years within the futher education sector.

28 years managing international exchange programmes.

28 years teaching Spanish to adults and adolescents.

microsoft teams

The platform used for the online classes is Microsoft Teams. You will therefore need to download Microsoft Teams on the device you will be using for the classes. Click on the link below to download Teams.


Yabla uses a technique called video immersion and it is a great tool for learning a language.The Spanish in Wolverhampton language school has a multi-user subscription with Yabla. This costs each student £8.50 per year. Students joining in September will pay a pro-rata fee as the subscription runs from April to April. All students must subscribe to Yabla as part of the course. Each week you will be set an assignment to complete that will be monitored by your tutor via the Yabla website. This will form a major part of your directed study. Click on the link to find out more about Yabla.

face-to-face tutorials

Students on all courses apart from the Beginners course will meet once per month for an informal face-to-face tutorial in the courtyard at the Lighthouse, Chubb Building, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT. For the Intermediate and Advanced classes the plan is to arrange for the tutorials to coincide with the Spanish Language Café once these start up again.

Social activities


Assuming it is safe to do so, there will be a number of planned social events throughout the course including film nights, meals and cultural events.

Educational visits


A 5-day visit to Spain is planned for mid-June 2022. Cost will be approximately £200 per person for flights and accommodation. This will provide a unique opportunity to put your language learning into practice!